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The phrase "reality vanish" generally refers to the place people go when teleporter accidents happen. Sometimes one is lucky enough to return from a misadventure with nothing worse than a strange story or two to tell. Sometimes one is unlucky enough that one never quite ends up in a place called home. And sometimes.. sometimes one just decides that home sucked anyway, and stays for keeps.

It's also the name of the trendy little 24-hour club that makes its home in the space between worlds, and there's some talk of letting the name stick to the small city that seems to have grown around it.

To put it scientifically, Reality Vanish is a nexus point between a skerry of worlds. It's the dead-center fragment of consensus reality that exists between a small cluster of dimensions where sentient mechanical lifeforms of various names (one of which almost invariably has blue armor and fights for everlasting peace) with time/space bending transportation devices called teleporters tend to be the norm. A few of the half-mad dimensional scientists that make Reality Vanish their home theorize that the place is the remnant of a universe that also had a small blue robot defending peace and justice for everyone, but that some catastrophic event caused that universe to shatter into the multiple iterations of little blue robots defending peace and justice that exist in the skerry.

At any rate, Reality Vanish is only accessible from the skerry's many worlds-- a world that has or has had a Mega Man of some sort, and only by teleporter. First-timers generally arrive in accidents, but with some careful backtracing of data, it is possible to enter Reality Vanish on purpose, and in fact many do so on a regular basis to get away from the cares of their home worlds or to unlock the many puzzles that make up the enigma that is this strange multidimensional city.


Go. Go now. Apply.

You know you want to. ((x-posted a couple times. No one's Flist will hurt any more than mine for the image, okay?))
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