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The Sky Room

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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This is an open community for Rockman/Megaman fans.
As was in Command Mission, the Sky Room is home to the creative immagination of the fans. Please feel free to post any and all fan art/fiction or factual information about the series.

The rules are very simple.

Long entries. Entries that contain anything with excessive violence/nudity or sexual connotations must go behind an lj-cut. This includes both art and writing. Some people view journals on public computers and they might not want those around them to see what we post... for now you can use your discretion on this. If it becomes a problem, then submissions will be moderated and/or the violator banned.

Please keep all info/art/writings limited to the Rockman/Megaman universe. Any series is welcomed so long as one of the series is the main focus. Crossovers are allowed (for now.)

All genres will be allowed (meaning all ratings.) Please, no flaming of anyone's preferences, style or what not. Creative criticism is welcomed, unless noted by the poster, but please don't bash someone's work. Yaoi, shonen-ai, yuri and shoujo are allowed. If that's not your taste, then please, don't complain, just simply bypass that post.

2-22-2005 Addition - All ratings will be allowed as well. Please try to mark submissions, even those not behind a cut, so everyone will know which series, who the focus is, any pairings and other disclaimer notes before they start to read. Thanks.

Any and all wars that start will be stopped and EVERYONE involved will be banned. I've seen battles and power struggles happen on other groups and it's not going to happen here. For those who are not directly responsible, a cooling off period may be given instead. If that is the case, then you can resubmit to join after the time out is up.

And remember. Fan works only. No official images are allowed (even if credited. You can link to official art if that's allowed, but please don't post it here. This is for fan works only.) Thanks for understanding.

2-22-2005 Addition - Please post only your own works and not those of others unless they have specifically asked you to. Any violation of this will result in either a warning or a ban.

It's up to the mods to decide when and if any changes need to be made. Changes will be listed in a journal post and will be posted (note the heavy emphasis on the word hopefully) with enough advanced warning. But, in the event that there is no warning, you can't hold the mods responsible for changes. Any changes will be explained to the best of all abilities.

With that said. Please enjoy ^^

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